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Tick, tick, tick! Check the rear view, now the blind spot......apply the pressure to the pedal, now accelerate! No more hesitation, it's just you, your path and destination. No stop signs, crosswalks or caution when passing. The road is yours, the map is your heart and your vehicle is nothing more than the instrument used to get you there.

Sometimes it takes us to just "accelerate" in order to be propelled in the direction that we must go. No matter the obstacles that may manifest in the form of naysayers, ailments or relationships, we must continue to cruise! I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this author. During her shoot, I was reminded to never lighten my foot from the pedal.............

Thank you Mrs. Lewis! I wish you all the success in the world.....Oh and yes, 5:30 p.m looks good!

Lifestyle Portraits

Photography: Circle Image Photography, LLC

Location: Grand Rapids

Equipment: Canon 50mm

Lighting: Canon Speedlite

Month: January

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