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What to wear?

This question seems to haunt many of my clients as they prepare for their big photography day. I often respond with an answer that's not as complex as most would think. As a matter of fact, my goal is to take away any of the anxiety that goes along with preparing and picking the "perfect" attire. Let's take these high energy cuties for example.

Their grandmother did all of the leg work in calling and scheduling their annual shoot. She mentioned that she wanted to have timeless images that would work on any colored wall in her home. That being said, we agreed upon background colors that would work on any wall (grey and white). Whew, that was the hard part! Next came the big question, " LaTanya, what should they wear"?

Me being me, I wanted to immediately recommend several bold colors that would act as hard contrast against the background colors that we'd already agreed upon. However, we ultimately decided on a subtle purple that would present softly but still speak with great volume.

Now it's the day of the shoot! The backgrounds are set, the lighting is perfect and all of the props are out. As always, I get so excited when I see my clients walk through the studio door. Here they come, oh wait! Where's the purple, I ask silently in my head? Well I thought it was in my head until I heard a reply, "it didn't work out."

I'd beg to differ. It worked out perfectly! Neutral greys with small surprises of purple. The most exciting for me is the cherry on top (pink bow). No matter how much planning we do, sometimes the best results are those that we don't spend so much time fretting over.

Choose something that represents YOU.

Children's Shoot

Photography: Circle Image Photography, LLC

Location: In studio

Equipment: 50mm Canon lens

Lighting: Alien Bee 400

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